Travel FAQ

Q. Why you need to buy travel medical insurance?

A. Travel medical insurance is a requirement for contractors and non-member staff that are traveling on the behalf of the United Nations. It’s also a good idea because you never know when you could be in an accident or have an illness.

Q. Where can I find plan details?

A. Clink on “Let’s Get Started” below and you can view the plan details before you buy coverage.

Q. How do I renew my coverage?

A. If you purchase at least one month of coverage you can renew you policy. Simply access the member site the purchase additional coverage. Some restrictions may apply to renewed policies.

Q. What is the Member Site?

A. The member site is hosted by the insurance company and allows you to do a number of helpful things like download a new ID card, renew coverage, and locate doctors and hospitals and more.

Q. What do I do if I become sick or injured?

A. In an emergency seek medical attention immediately and contact the insurance carrier within a reasonable amount of time later. If it’s not an emergency but a more serious medical issue that would require hospitalization or surgery you can contact the insurance company 24/7 to preauthorize the claim. If in doubt, give the insurance carrier a call or email.

Q. What do I do if I need to be medically evacuated?

A. Medical evacuations and repatriations need to be handled by the insurance carrier. Contact them immediately and they will arrange for your safe and efficient travel to the nearest medical facility capable of addressing your need.

Q. What is covered?

A. There are a wide range of benefits that are covered by a travel medical plan from minor services such as a doctors visits because you are not feeling well to emergency care and surgery.

Q. What is not covered?

A. Travel medical insurance is designed to supplement your regular medical plan at home. Typically, travel plans do not cover benefits for immunizations, maternity, preexisting conditions and routine care. Use your existing plan to deal with those needs.

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