Group Coverage FAQ

Q. What sort of benefits do you offer international organizations?

A. We can broker a full complement of benefits including medical, dental, vision, evacuation, life and disability insurance for your expatriate population.

Q. How can you help my organization with compliance issues?

A. Governments around the world are increasing the insurance requirements need to operate legally, even for expatriate and TCN employees. In the United States there are still ongoing regulatory ruling around the landmark PPACA legislation that effect American expatriates. Orion can help you navigate these regulatory waters to avoid fines and being barred from operating in certain countries.

Q. How can you save my organization money?

A. In serval ways. First, we market every plan to make sure the benefit design selected is at the lowest premium. Second, we work with you on reducing soft costs by handling many of the questions expatriates have and creating self-service tools. Third, we save you money from preventing disruptions with medical claims so your expatriates can focus on work.

Q. How do you work? 

A. We preform several services for both clients with existing plans and for those organizations purchasing international benefits for the first time. Our process involves identifying your organization’s needs, analyzing existing coverage and developing a “gap analysis” presentation. Our analysis will show where your existing excels and also falls short of your objectives and solutions to remedy those gaps.

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