Expatriates FAQ

Q. What is an expatriate?

A. Typically an expatriate is a person who spends the majority of the time outside his or her country of citizenship. So, if you spend more than 6 months a year outside your home country you may want to consider an international medical insurance plan that you can use where you are residing.

Q. What is covered?

A. That depends up on the core plan (Silver, Gold or Platinum) and optional benefits selected. Some clients prefer a basic, catastrophic plan to cover major medical needs like surgery, cancer treatments and serious illness/accidents. Other clients purchase plans designed to cover major needs plus coverage for doctor visits, prescription drugs, maternity coverage, dental exams, medical evacuations and access to the US medical system. We can help you sort out your priorities and then design a plan to address those priorities.

Q. What is not covered?

A. Typically an international plans will exclude claims that are not medically necessary (such as cosmetic surgery), experimental or self-inflicted. If you have specific coverage concerns let us know and we can provide you a complete list of exclusions.

Q. What is the Member Site?

A. The member site is hosted by the insurance company and allows you to do a number of helpful things like download a new ID card, renew coverage, and locate doctors and hospitals and more.

Q. What doctors and hospitals can I use?

A. CIGNA International has a massive global network of high quality doctors and hospitals that you can access. The advantage is CIGNA International works with these providers and can pay them directly. These medical providers can be located in the Members Site. But, you are absolutely free to seek out medical care with any license practitioner that you wish.

Q. Can I add my family members?

A. Absolutely. In fact, the CIGNA Global Plan allows for multiple generations of family to be added to the same plan.

Q. I need international medical insurance for myself and others in my organization. Is this the right plan for me?

A. Possibly but we recommend that you first see the Group section and complete information form. We will contact you and develop a solution specific to your organizations need.

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